Why it’s Time to Say Goodbye to the Commute for Good

Why it’s time to say goodbye to your commute, for good


Which morning would you prefer?  


It’s 6.30am. You hotfoot it out of bed. Have the world’s fastest shower. Throw on the first clean shirt you find. And trip over the cat/a small child/your own feet on the way out the door.

You semi-jog to the station to find you’ve missed your train. There isn’t another one for an hour. You’ll miss your weekly check in with your team. There’s definitely no time to grab breakfast now. Oh, and you’ve not had a single drop of caffeine.




It’s 8am. You wake up slowly to the sound of birds chirping. Mosey downstairs. Sip on a steaming mug of freshly brewed coffee. Eat some breakfast. Take a leisurely shower. Slowly get dressed. Do your hair. Take the dog for a walk or the kids to school. 

You stroll 5 minutes to the office and find you’re early for your team meeting. So you grab a cup of tea and check your emails before your day really gets going.


It’s not much of a choice, is it?

Commuting isn’t fun. It’s stressful and sweaty and proven to be bad for your health. A Swedish study found people who commute more than five hours a week were more likely to suffer from sleep problems and be less physically active. 


So, what are your options? 

  • Move closer to HQ (and pay extortionate prices to live in the centre of town?)
  • Work from home everyday (and have zero interaction with other adults?)
  • Quit your job (not gonna happen)


Thankfully, there’s a fourth option. Coworking spaces near to home. The perfect solution for workers who want to cut the commute but don’t want to work from home five days a week.



More reasons to ditch the commute


This ‘third way of working’ is ideal for everyone: freelancers, hybrid workers, entrepreneurs and business owners. And it comes with a host of advantages…


Improve your mental and physical health 

Walking to work everyday has so many powerful health benefits, from lowering blood sugar levels to easing joint pain. But it’s also good for your mental wellbeing. Studies show daily walking can reduce anxiety and depression and that people who switch to ‘active’ commuting feel better able to concentrate and under less strain than before. 


Achieve a better work/life balance

According to a study by the TUC, the average UK commute takes 59 minutes. Do that twice a day and that’s nearly 2 hours a day, or 10 hours a week, wasted. Imagine what else you could do in that time. Go for a run, watch your kid’s football match, or just rest. 


Save money 

Commuting is expensive. On average, Londoners spend around seven per cent of their monthly earnings on travel to work, with low earners spending almost 10 per cent. That’s a lot of money, especially when you add it all up. Walking to work, though, costs nothing. Think about how much you could save in a month or a year, and what you could do with that extra cash. 


Coworking by Spacemade
“As a freelancer, I found working from home lonely. I missed human interaction and always got distracted by the mountain of laundry or million other jobs that needed doing round the house. Neighbourhood Works has been a lifeline. I get to leave the house everyday and work in a beautiful, bright space right round the corner from my house. And I’ve met some brilliant people too. I couldn’t recommend it enough.” – Sam, member of Neighbourhood Works, London Fields.
Neighbourhood Works by Spacemade

One-of-a-kind neighbourhood workspaces


If you’re ready to say goodbye to your daily commute, Spacemade’s close-to-home coworking spaces are the answer. Individually curated and uniquely designed, every space in our UK-wide network comes with a host of modern amenities including super fast wifi, breakout spaces, private studios, showers and fully equipped kitchens.  


“Since I’ve started working here, I actually look forward to going into the office. I used to scramble onto a packed tube everyday and dread the journey home in the pitch black at night. Now I only have to walk 7 minutes and I’m at my desk.” – Thomas, Spacemade member



Whether you’re after a permanent desk or the occasional use of a hotdesk, we can cover your business needs. Find your ideal location here.


Coworking by Spacemade

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