About Us

Spacemade exists to revive the workspace as a hub for meaningful connections and new opportunities.

Our Brand DNA

Our Brand DNA

At Spacemade, we believe that real-world connections shape our personal and professional journeys in ways unmatched by digital networks and interfaces.

This is why we are on a mission to cultivate 1,000,000 real-world social connections within our spaces.

We have a bold vision: A new world of work where people flourish in the company of others, and each connection amplifies collective potential.

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Our Values

The Three I's That Guide Us

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We champion reliability, respect and fairness. We follow a strong moral compass, fostering honesty, transparency and trust in our relationships.

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We embrace authenticity and celebrate individual uniqueness. In our pursuit of self-expression, we reject conformity in favour of distinctiveness and originality.

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We nurture warm and welcoming communities where everyone feels valued, included and able to contribute, creating a rich and diverse social fabric.

Your Workspace - More Than Just a Space to Work

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Join the community

When you join Spacemade, you don’t just get an office or a hot desk; you become part of a vibrant community of like-minded professionals who come together to share ideas, knowledge, and opportunities.

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A space made for you

Our diverse range of workspaces, spanning locations in London, Birmingham, and Leeds, cater to your unique needs. Whether you’re after a private office, an enterprise suite, a permanent coworking space, or a day passes — we’ve got you covered.

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Proud to be B Corp

Our dog-friendly spaces are thoughtfully designed and managed, reflecting the essence of their local neighbourhoods, and our commitment to environmental and social responsibility. We are proud to be a certified BCorp business.

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We're a curious bunch

At Spacemade, our goal is to create meaningful connections, foster collaboration, and nurture growth. From learning about the power of AI to soothing sound bath sessions and indulgent wine tastings — our carefully curated, community-driven events and workshops are designed to help you learn new skills, grow your network, and have fun along the way.

Our Co-Founders

Our Co-Founders, Jonny and Dan, have unparalleled knowledge of the real estate market, having worked in the industry for years.

Jonny Rosenblatt

Jonny Rosenblatt

With over a decade of commercial real estate experience, Jonny has been at the forefront of the shift towards flexibility, hospitality, and community creation in the office market. Having launched Headspace Group in 2012 before successfully exiting in 2017, he has unrivaled experience designing, building and operating new platforms in the flexible real estate space.
While the established flexible operator leasehold model has its place, I believe it’s just the beginning of the movement towards landlords providing agile coworking space. With Spacemade, building owners can offer bespoke workspaces with their own unique brand directly to customers, while keeping full control of their asset.
Dan Silverman

Dan Silverman

Dan has helped invest and asset manage over £2bn of real estate. His experience means he truly understands the key drivers and issues facing asset owners such as capital allocation, leasing, valuation, finance, business planning and placemaking.
I saw firsthand the shift in the flexible workspace market but was frustrated that no one was helping building owners capitalise on it. That’s why I was so passionate about launching Spacemade. To help landlords operate their space how they want to.

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