Riley Studios: The Story Behind the Name

Riley Studios: The Story Behind The Name

Ever wondered how we come up with the names of our workspaces here at Spacemade? 

Well, the truth is, it’s not always an easy task. And often involves a lot of debate and discussion. 

Names, after all, are important. They tell you so much about a place. About its identity and what it stands for. That’s why we put a lot of thought and consideration into picking the names of our spaces. 

With community central to everything we do at Spacemade, we often look to the history and heritage of the local area for inspiration. 

Riley Studios, Archway

Take Riley Studios, for example. An exciting new space set to launch early 2023 in Archway, North London. 

During renovation work, when the building was being stripped back to its foundations, the builders came across something unexpected. A strange looking box covered with dust and dirt under the floorboards. Inside they found what can only be described as a time capsule. In it, they found a note.

It read:

This document was placed here on the 12th day of December in the year 1903 by JH Riley, W Trew, Sam Richmond, Bricklayers, Mother’s Larry and Back Shit. 

The note had been sitting there waiting to be discovered for more than 100 years.

While we’re not entirely sure what some of the words refer to (any ideas about who or what Back Shit was?), it’s clear the note was written by the building’s original bricklayers, one of whom was called JH Riley.

Archway Road

So as a nod to those men who laid the foundations of our wonderful building all those years ago – and who were obviously so proud of their creation that they wanted their contribution to its formation preserved in history – we named it Riley Studios.

We don’t know what the building was used for in its early days, but today it’s home to North London’s brightest and most innovative coworking space. 

With hotdesks, zoom rooms, collaboration spaces and a full range of amenities, Riley Studios has everything entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers need to get a day’s work done.

Hopefully Mr Riley and his mates would approve.

Archway old photos
archway 1907

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