The world of work is changing fast.

Your partner for the new world of work with a network of individually designed spaces, enhancing the experience of flexible work.
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The Problem

Until now, the knowledge and infrastructure required to provide flexible workspace to customers has been held tightly by a handful of operators. This has meant building owners have lost the relationship with the businesses in their asset.

Spacemade is changing that.

Our Solution

We've built the operational platform and team to enable building owners develop their own flexible workspace product.

With Spacemade, you can deliver inspiring and productive workspaces directly to your customers.

What We Do
Analysis and planning

We work with you to develop the strategy, business plan and financial model to either create a new workspace or take control of an existing operation.

Space and brand creation

From space design and customer experience, to branding and digital, we craft perfect flexible workspaces for the new world of work.

Full operational execution

We operate the space end-to-end for you. We have built a best in class operational infrastructure to fully manage the space for you, from hospitality and operations to marketing and finance.

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